Rathskeller Retreat

Rathskeller Retreat Located on a peninsula of Schmidt Lake, somewhere deep in the Minnesota wilderness, is this rustic, hunting lodge-style retreat brought to life by architectural designer Jeff Murphy...
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  • Huge Photo Gallery
  • Architectural Details
  • Save it in My Dream Garage

The Maserati Man Cave

The Maserati Man Cave The owner of this Dream Garage slash Man Cave always dreamed of having a family room for cars. So a few years ago he built one. The addition is close to 4,000 square feet and took almost a...
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  • Two Ferraris
  • Maserati
  • Gourmet Kitchen

Home Theater Hideaways

Home Theater Hideaways There once was a time when a man could boast about his 42" flat screen TV. That was a good 3 years ago. Today, 60, 70, even 100-inch screens might still raise a few eyebrows, but nothing...
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  • From Far Out to Outrageous
  • Inspiration & Ideas
  • Costs, Advice & Resources

Creating Your Own Harley Hangout

Creating Your Own Harley Hangout The Harley experience doesn't end after the ride for the owner of this HOG-inspired Man Cave. In fact, you could say it's just getting started.An enlarged photo of a special...
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  • Poker Room
  • Home Theater
  • Plenty of Parking

It's Not a Man Cave, it's a Man House

 It's Not a Man Cave, it's a Man House When John Morgan and his wife Natasha bought their two bedroom bungalow in Austin, TX, they had never seen the inside of the carriage house in the backyard. John knew he had to move fast...
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  • 200 sq ft of Personal Space
  • A Backyard Bar
  • A Place to Escape

The Sports Barn

The Sports Barn The good thing about restoring an old barn is everyone loves it, from family members right on down to the local "hysterical society." Permits generally aren't a problem,...
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  • Bar & Game Room
  • Swimming Pool
  • Reading Nook with Fireplace

A Real Scotch Man

A Real Scotch Man The Coats of Arms you see ringing the top of the bar in this most impressive basement hangout are genuine. They represent the owner's family and, along with the 5500 bottles of Scotch...
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  • All Things Scottish
  • Authentic Coats of Arms
  • 73 Year-Old Scotch

A Boathouse Dream Garage

A Boathouse Dream Garage This boathouse dream garage hangout is part of a family complex that sits on the shores of a large New Hampshire lake. Its owners have a collection of canoes and boats and wanted a place...
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  • Wet boathouse
  • Drive-thru Garage
  • Detailed Floor Plans

Adding Muscle to your Man Cave

Adding Muscle to your Man Cave Take a world-class fitness trainer with a passion for art and design, add a background in mechanical engineering, coupled with a keen understanding of anatomy, and what you get is Mark...
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  • Photo Gallery
  • Ideas & Inspiration
  • Resources

A Home Recording Studio Doubles as a Dream Garage

 A Home Recording Studio Doubles as a Dream Garage Before Mark Blaha got his own space, he put his recording studio in one half of a renovated old barn on his spread 30 minutes outside Philadelphia while his wife Georgette set up her weaving...
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  • His & Hers Studios
  • Mixing room? Check.
  • Tractors & Mower Storage