A gritty warehouse in an industrial strip of Denver was just what the owner of this dream garage was looking for: a single space located in the city that was large enough for a luxury home, an enormous garage and his company headquarters.

The owner's vision and meticulous eye for detail is evident throughout the "buildings within a building" and in the restoration of his classic and rare American cars and vintage gas pumps. This is a time-warp back to the slick, hot-rodding roots of American car culture.

1957 Black Corvette "Fuelie," 1968 Corvette L88, '55 Chevy Nomad, '47 Indian Motorcycle, and more.

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Touring this hidden gem of a dream garage is much akin to dining on fine shellfish: Once you get past the rough, unremarkable shell of an exterior, you’re in for something tasty.

This automotive oasis lies concealed within a non-descript warehouse in an equally ordinary industrial district of a Denver suburb. Once inside, you can’t help but be blown away by the sheer contrast of it all. I came to find that this place is the product of the owner’s decades-long vision of the ideal dream garage. It isn’t just a nod to one of the most defining eras in American motoring, but also a recreation of some of the most enjoyable years of his life.

Standing in stately contrast to its surroundings, the neon-infused interior of this 9,000-square-foot garage provides visitors not only a glimpse of some of the country’s most historic vehicles, but a time-warp back to the slick, hot-rodding roots of American car culture. And while the rides themselves—including a number of highly desirable Corvettes and classic 1930s domestics, among many others—can be found in some of the more privileged collections around the country, an enthusiast would be hard-pressed to find many other private garages with such an authentic taste of American history.

This garage, simply put, is a gearhead’s dream. The interior incorporates a full-scale reproduction of a ‘50s-era Texaco station, one of the most iconic of roadside institutions.

And in addition to its vehicular prowess, it also bears the fruits of the owner’s other major passion: collecting and restoring early- and mid-century gas station memorabilia, including vintage gas pumps, period-correct tools and retail displays, to name a few. According to the owner, a long-time collector and ex-professional drag racer, it was at service stations just like these where he and his friends would gather on summer Saturdays, wrenching on their cars in anticipation of Sunday runs at area drag strips.

The garage is the culmination of decades of his passion for both motorsports and vintage vehicles, and it provides a place for him to re-live that important period of his life while doing the same work that has inspired him since he was in his teens. “That, for me, is probably the most exciting part of it,” he says. “Just being able to come here and remember how things were back in those days. In here, it’s easy to remember how it felt for us in the late-‘60s and early-‘70s, to be up on Broadway (in Denver) with all of our cars out on the island, doing burnouts up and down the street.”

The Birth of a Dream Garage

The owner and his family—who have an equal-sized living area and an office for their custom home construction company in an additional 9,000 square feet in the upper level—moved into the current warehouse just in the last year.

Back in Time

Back in Time

A converted warehouse recaptures the owner's past and a classic era in American car culture.



Back in TimeBack in TimeBack in TimeBack in TimeBack in TimeBack in TimeBack in Time
Back in TimeBack in TimeBack in TimeBack in TimeBack in TimeBack in TimeBack in Time

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