Milt Robson transforms his 26,000 sq.ft. horse barn into one of the most unique dream garages you'll ever see. It includes "buildings within a building," like a Western town with a working saloon and music stage, an old-time barbershop, a diner, and a full-scale Mobil Gas station.

It's his dream garage. A unique escape and home to a collection of extremely rare vehicles, each with historical significance, including some of the most sought-after and ferocious muscle cars every produced.

'67 427 Tripower Corvette, '69 ZL1 Camaro, '70 Pontiac Judge convertible w/ Ram Air IV, and a '69 Trans Am convertible 4-speed (1 of only 4 built), and many more.

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Some years ago, a famous advertising campaign proclaimed, "It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken." Milton Robson knows how true that is; for years as a young man he sold chicken out of the back of his truck. Ultimately, these humble beginnings grew into a Georgia-based food service empire that made him a multi-millionaire. As he became more successful, Robson started assembling one of the finest muscle-car collections in the world and eventually built his true dream garage on a 460 acre ranch in Gainesville, a small city fifty miles northeast of Atlanta.

It was a sunny afternoon when we wheeled onto his property via the back gate, a stone arch flanked by a pair of brass, larger-than-life "Coleman lanterns." After a short drive through low-rolling countryside, we arrived at the garage. The man himself was waiting there on the front porch and greeted us with a fine-and-dandy "hello", delivered in his trademark Georgia drawl. The porch stretches across the front of the building and sports an inviting selection of rustic rocking chairs. A friendly sign states, "Welcome to the Ranch".

The exterior of the huge building in no way reflects the glamorous scene that awaits the visitor inside -- a car lover’s heaven. The first thing we encountered was a handsome foyer filled with western artifacts, framed photographs and art, car models, awards from numerous auto shows and assorted memorabilia. Robson’s office is on the left, a comfortable room that reflects the easy going lifestyle of the successful man who works there.

Sturdy wooden stairs lead to the second level and Robson suggested that we check out the saloon before entering the main garage. It quickly became clear that, when he said "saloon", Robson wasn't exaggerating. Believe me, I’ve been in plenty of taprooms that were smaller and a whole lot less impressive. A long, antique bar (well stocked), an ample stage (complete with musical instruments), several slot machines, and a colorful juke box all suggest Robson puts on some very entertaining evenings.

Apart from the saloon, it became obvious that Robson had an ulterior motive for taking us upstairs. The balcony provides a bird’s-eye view of the stunning sixty-seven cars in his collection and the exciting environment that surrounds them. Against one wall, there is a weathered street-front facade that looks like it came right out of a John Ford western. It includes a fully-equipped, old-time barbershop (that's right, a barbershop in the garage) and quaint signs advertising "Tanner’s Bath House" and "Cattle Kate’s Café". At the other end of the garage is a recreation of a vintage Mobile Gas station, as well as a circa 1950s soda shop and a room containing Robson’s collection of vintage cap pistols and BB guns.

But beyond the interesting side show, ferocious cars are the real attraction.

Milt's American Muscle Ranch

Milt's American Muscle Ranch

Milt Robson converts a barn into his dream garage and fills it with some of the rarest muscle cars in the world.



Milt's American Muscle RanchMilt's American Muscle RanchMilt's American Muscle RanchMilt's American Muscle RanchMilt's American Muscle RanchMilt's American Muscle RanchMilt's American Muscle Ranch
Milt's American Muscle RanchMilt's American Muscle RanchMilt's American Muscle RanchMilt's American Muscle Ranch

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